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Strawberry Limeade

500ML Net Vol
12% alc/vol


Sweet strawberry meets lemon and lime flavor! Bursting with flavor, our Strawberry Limeade comes in a convenient 500ml Tetra Pak perfect for vibing while on the go. Each package has three 5.6 oz beverages that taste best when served chilled. The Tetra Pak keeps your drink fresh tasting, flavorful and has 60% less carbon footprint than the same size in glass. Alcohol 12% by volume.

Other Flavors

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Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Picture this: intense raspberry flavors & lemon. Need we say more?

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Tropical fruit galore.

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Take your tastebuds on a trip to the tropics and tango with this Mango.

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Margarita-flavored wine cocktail sweetened with agave nectar.